Post Reno Clean,

  • Builders Clean


    Whether it is a new house, business or a renovation project, once the work is done there is quite a mess to clean up.  Clean Queen emphasize on making your new space showroom ready!

    Every space is different in terms of size and complexity, and we always try to view each site before quoting.

    Our Builders Clean services include:

    • Clean all windows, window frames, sills.
    • Clean all skirting and wash the doors.
    • Wash all sockets and switches.
    • Spot clean walls and ceilings.
    • Clean all skirting boards.
    • Clean all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. cupboards inside and out.
    • Clean and polish all kitchen, bedroom, living room surfaces and wooden works.
    • Clean toilets inside and out.
    • Wash the tiles and all basins in the bathroom.
    • Thoroughly vacuum and mop all floors and stairs.
    • Make sure all the property is dust free – this is the main area of emphasis for a Builders Clean.

    * Checklist is Provided

    * Prices are quoted on an individual basis.



  • Cleaning After Renovation or Construction

    After any renovation or construction that occurs in your house, your home is left devastated. Dirt, debris and other pollution is anywhere near the working site. You, like many other people, probably stay confused and wonder how to clean the mess. Where to start and what to do exactly to get rid of so much dirt? Don’t panic, here in this article, I am going to share with you some nice tips about the cleaning after renovation and construction.

    First of all, make sure to follow these simple steps and if you are not sure about doing something – consult immediately with any professionals. Like any cleaning after renovation, unexpected things can happen, so be prepared. At the beginning, remove any window curtains and treatments and send them to any cleaning services. Don’t put them back until the rest of the room or area is cleaned and disinfected. Next, you should clean the walls. For this purpose, you have to make a cleaning solution. You can skip the purchase of an expensive and toxic commercial cleaner and just mix some mild soup and water in a bucket. Then, with the help of a sponge apply your home-made cleaner on the walls. Make sure to dry immediately after treatment with a dry white cloth, so you can effectively avoid mould and mildew. Anyway, when it comes to windows you should consider cleaning naturally, again skipping the chemical cleaners. Use a mixture of vinegar and water, it is known as a good cleaning solution.

    Any person who is doing the cleaning after renovation and construction should know that the floors must be the last surface to clean. So, next in the list will be the furniture. Use a handhold vacuum cleaner and treat them completely. At last, you can wash the floors. As most of the dirt that you cleaned previously is gone on the floors, they should be hardly polluted, so you may need to clean them 2 or 3 times. Use the same cleaning solution that you used for the walls. To finish the cleaning process, open up the window and let some fresh air get into the room. It will speed up the drying and it can also remove any airborne dust particles.

    Usually the cleaning after renovation and construction is a hard and time-consuming job, but nowadays there are many professional cleaning companies that can help you do the job. Make sure to find any reputable cleaning service in your local area. The experts can save you a lot of problems with the cleaning procedure on a reasonable prices, so consider this an option.