Carpet Cleaning


The carpets are probably one of the most expensive items to replace in a home. So it makes great financial sense if nothing else to have your carpets professionally cleaned, regularly, as this will maintain their good looks and should greatly extend their life expectancy in turn saving you lots of money. Moreover there is nothing better than the smell and feel of freshly cleaned carpets that look bright and healthy once more.

If you are in need of a trusted carpet cleaning service for your property, we are happy to help.

DRYING TIMES. Carpets are normally dry within 4-6 hours; however, this is dependent upon: type of material, level and nature of soiling, your sub-flooring and the weather of course.
Carpet Cleaning Price List
Studio Apartment     $ 99.00
2 Bedroom House    $120.00
3 Bedroom House    $160.00
4 Bedroom House    $190.00
5 Bedroom House    $220.00
Extra Lounge (12x12 feet) $ 40.00
Stairs, landing $ 35.00
Extra Bedrooms $ 30.00 per room
Rug cleaning Price dependent on size - call for details
Carpet cleaning prices are inclusive of GST.
House prices are based on average room size and include lounge, dining, hall plus bedrooms

Commercial Clean

Looking for a competent, reliable and flexible partner to clean your office? You've found us!

We provide services to all kinds of commercial businesses.  Our goal is to provide each of our customers with the highest quality of cleaning services that best suit their particular needs. We guarantee the highest quality and ensure true cleanliness, consistently.

We offer:

  • Superior and sanitary cleaning methods
  • Detailed cleaning schedules
  • Comprehensive training programs
  • Quality control systems
  • Customer relation services
  • Highly skilled personal
  • Maintenance cleaning: Regular and reliable

Contact us today to see how we can tailor a schedule to help you and your business work towards a cleaner environment together.

* Prices are quoted on an individual basis.

Moving Day Clean


Moving in its own right is very stressful, and the last thing you need to worry about is the hassle of cleaning - leave that up to us!  

Whether you want us to clean your new home before you move into it, or clean the property you are exiting, we are here for you 24/7. Being called out at 8pm to have a property ready for the new tenant at 8am, is not uncommon to us. 

We offer a full comprehensive clean of the home, from ceiling to floor.  We supply all the cleaning equipment and detergents.  

A typical property improvement clean will include:


▪               All kitchen cupboards and drawers inside and out

▪               Clean window sills and ledges

▪               Disinfect sink and taps, clean and shine. 

▪               Clean skirting boards

▪               Thoroughly cleanse all kitchen surfaces and benchtops

▪               Clean range hood - outside

▪               Clean range hood - Inside and filter (Optional Extra)

▪               Clean outside of dishwasher and any other kitchen utensils

▪               Clean inside of dishwasher and any other kitchen utensils (Optional Extra)

▪               Spot clean walls (finger prints and marks)

▪               Clean walls - complete clean (Optional Extra)

▪               Spot clean ceilings (Optional Extra)

▪               Vacuum hard floor surfaces and mop with disinfectant 

▪               Degrease inside/outside of your cooker and oven (Optional Extra)

▪               Cobwebs removed

▪               Doors, door frames and light switches cleaned

▪               Removal of rubbish 

Bathroom and toilets 

▪              Tiles, walls and bathtubs cleaned

▪              Shower and shower doors cleaned

▪              Sink and bench cleaned and disinfected

▪              Mirrors cleaned and shined

▪               Hard floor surfaces vacuumed and mopped using disinfectant 

▪               Toilets cleaned and disinfected

▪               Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

▪               Clean cabinets inside and outside

▪               Clean inside of window sills and ledges

▪               Skirting boards cleaned

▪               Doors, door frames and light switches cleaned

▪               Walls (finger prints and marks) spot cleaned

▪               Walls - complete clean (Optional extra)

▪               Ceilings (Optional Extra)

▪               Cobwebs removed

▪               General dusting

▪               Removal of rubbish 

Bedrooms and Living areas: 

▪               Doors and door frames cleaned

▪               Window ledges and skirting boards cleaned

▪               Hard surfaces vacuumed and mopped

▪               Stairs vacuumed

▪               Clean and dust all fixtures, mirrors and flat surfaces

▪               General Dusting

▪               Standard carpets vacuumed thoroughly taking care to get into corners and along edges

▪               Cobwebs removed

▪               Walls (Finger prints/ Marks) spot cleaned

▪               Walls complete clean (Optional Extra)

▪               Window cleaning (Optional Extra) 

▪               Ceilings and light bulbs cleaned (Optional Extra)

▪               Option of a carpet cleaning service

▪               Removal of rubbish 


▪               Please inquire (Optional extra)

 *All appliances and surfaces will be cleaned to the highest possible standard. However, we cannot be held liable for appliances or surfaces that are in a poor state or ingrained with dirt and unable to be removed by cleaning products.

**Cleans are priced from $120 and vary on the size of the house as well as the service specifications required.

Other services we can offer include: 

-  Carpet cleaning

-  Mattress Deep Cleaning

-  Grounds maintenance

-  Pest control

-  Window cleaning

-  Ceiling cleaning

-  Pressure washing





Builders Clean


Whether it is a new house, business or a renovation project, once the work is done there is quite a mess to clean up.  Clean Queen emphasize on making your new space showroom ready!

Every space is different in terms of size and complexity, and we always try to view each site before quoting.

Our Builders Clean services include:

  • Clean all windows, window frames, sills.
  • Clean all skirting and wash the doors.
  • Wash all sockets and switches.
  • Spot clean walls and ceilings.
  • Clean all skirting boards.
  • Clean all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. cupboards inside and out.
  • Clean and polish all kitchen, bedroom, living room surfaces and wooden works.
  • Clean toilets inside and out.
  • Wash the tiles and all basins in the bathroom.
  • Thoroughly vacuum and mop all floors and stairs.
  • Make sure all the property is dust free – this is the main area of emphasis for a Builders Clean.

* Checklist is Provided

* Prices are quoted on an individual basis.