Carpet Cleaning


The carpets are probably one of the most expensive items to replace in a home. So it makes great financial sense if nothing else to have your carpets professionally cleaned, regularly, as this will maintain their good looks and should greatly extend their life expectancy in turn saving you lots of money. Moreover there is nothing better than the smell and feel of freshly cleaned carpets that look bright and healthy once more.

If you are in need of a trusted carpet cleaning service for your property, we are happy to help.

DRYING TIMES. Carpets are normally dry within 4-6 hours; however, this is dependent upon: type of material, level and nature of soiling, your sub-flooring and the weather of course.
Carpet Cleaning Price List
Studio Apartment     $ 99.00
2 Bedroom House    $120.00
3 Bedroom House    $160.00
4 Bedroom House    $190.00
5 Bedroom House    $220.00
Extra Lounge (12x12 feet) $ 40.00
Stairs, landing $ 35.00
Extra Bedrooms $ 30.00 per room
Rug cleaning Price dependent on size - call for details
Carpet cleaning prices are inclusive of GST.
House prices are based on average room size and include lounge, dining, hall plus bedrooms